Securing Your Architectures with Efficiency and Durability

Managing human resources in construction industry has been long inherently challenging, for its large scale in manpower and its nature of working environment. Construction projects require a massive number of employees which makes it difficult to handle and secure hundreds to even thousands entries and exits in a single day. The liquidity and scatterness of workers distribution affect taking precise time & attendance records in an efficient way. Construction sites are also often exposed in various weathers and rough working conditions which bring limitations on the choice of time and attendance products. Entrance management and Access control solution with cost-effectiveness, high reliability, flexibility and durability to tackle different roughness are definitely needed.


ZKTeco provides a perfect solution of access control and time & attendance to meet the special needs of construction industry. Turnstiles systems with dual access and multi-biometric terminals significantly enhances both the efficiency and the security level of access. With alloy steel tripod hub and SUS 304 stainless steel body, the tripod turnstiles offer high durability and are capable to smoothly operate under the rough working environments in construction sites. Portable fingerprint terminal S922 which utilizes GPRS and Wi-Fi communications offers flexible time & attendance solution for dispersed staffs in construction sites. The device also meets IP65 rated protection grade, guaranteeing 0.5m above-ground shock-proof function to satisfy the needs of proper operations in construction areas.


  • Rough working condition in construction site
  • Outdoor working environment
  • Large and increasing number of employees to manage
  • Multi working area in a single construction site
  • Dispersed manpower in construction site


  • Highly reliable weatherproof device
  • Durable devices and materials
  • More efficient methods for employees' time & attendance management
  • Better control of authorized construction site access

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