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These customers have expanded past traditional retail banking facilities to include cash checking, investing services, credit unions and insurance services. Traditional security services to banks and credit unions typically included hold-up, intrusion alarm and hold-up video services. Today, with innovative “self-service” options, changing customer needs and the speed at which we conduct business, there are new security challenges for these financial businesses. Early fraud detection, positive identification, audit records of transactions and proactive prevention in financial transactions continues to be a focus of all companies within this market.


The increased reliability of biometric authentication over the last 8 years opens new opportunities for financial services. With the inBio Series from ZKTeco, automating the validation of an ID process with fingerprint biometrics can stop a fraudulent transaction before you become a victim. Simply deflect fraudsters away with increase risk of exposure. Having a fingerprint biometric enrollment process can separate authenticated customers from pretenders, and integrating IP video can link a fingerprint to a face for teller validation. Biometric stand-alone readers provide validated fiscal control procedures quickly with event logging.


  • Two people validation during opening and closing procedures
  • Effectively validating identification beyond traditional print ID
  • Enabling authenticated self-service customer service
  • Reducing financial impact of fraud through, transaction denial
  • Implementing cost effective security products
  • Standardization of products
  • Lowering overall security operational costs


  • High level of reliability in all security systems
  • Biometric access and network IP video technology upgrades
  • Cost efficient ongoing security operations
  • Reliable and low cost security technology
  • Improving customer service initiatives
  • Reduce fraud exposure early in transaction cycles

Case Study

Shinhan Bank Projct in Vietnam

Project Description:

1. Name: Shinhan Bank Vietnam Branch
2. Country: Vietnam
3. Product Used: SC103+ZKAccess2

Case Description:

Shinhan Bank, the first nongovernmental bank in Korea, is one of the biggest commercial banks in Korea. It has over 1,000 branches worldwide, including 9 branches in Vietnam and the present employees are more than 14,000.

Shinhan Bank Vietnam branch possesses more than 3 floors which need an access control system to control the personnel and realize the access management in a senior office. As known to all, the bank has higher requirement on the safety of the access control system and requires many functions such as multi-card opening, anti-passback, setting the privileged access control and checking the personnel record through the software. ZKTeco strongly recommended the RFID Access control SC103 and ZKAccess2.0 which could meet the demands perfectly. SC103 has lock control, door sensor, exit button, alarm, and door bell functions. The device can be used to connect with a control panel as a reader by wiegand-out interface. The application of ZKAccess 2.0 software realized centralized online administration which makes access control management easier and more practical so as to improve efficiency. The access control system sets door opening time and levels for registered users, so that some users are permitted to unlock some doors through verification during certain intervals.
Through preliminary testing and a period of use, customer is quite satisfied with ZKTeco software function. So far, there were not any problems with the usage of SC103. With the high performance product, ZK stands out among the other competitors and get the project. Most importantly, ZKTeco provides good product technology training and fast and efficient technician support, which allow customers to use ZK products without any worries.

The Largest Bank in Turkey adopts ZKTeco Access Control Solution

To protect important assets, investments, clients’ privacy and confidential information, a highly reliable security protection is indeed needed. You may imagine hiring a group of security guards controlling every access of doors, and giving patrol on every door checkpoint to ensure nothing goes off track. However, to an enterprise with nation-wide scale business operations, it needs and deserves a higher security and efficient solution. With the technology advancement, the market has increasingly high standard of security, and with the advancement, a security solution with biometric verification and all-day surveillance has been far more accessible than ever.

The Largest Bank in Turkey, founded in 1863, has its branches widely established in Turkish metropolis including Ankara and Istanbul. An access control solution is necessary to enhance the security level. ZKTeco was invited to provide an access control solution for the renowned enterprise’s headquarter and all branches. The client needed an access control solution with high preciseness of identity verification and an efficient management of access.
ZKTeco has deployed an access control solution with ZKBioSecurity3.0, which is an all-in-one software including access control, video surveillance, and elevator & visitor modules functions. The software is connected to 180 access controllers for more than 600 doors which are particularly equipped with KR Series card readers, FR1200 fingerprint readers and tripod turnstiles. All access are thus centrally controlled and easily monitored by the software.
Apart from general functions including managing access controllers and setting access rights levels, visitor management and alarm functions are also applied to our client’s system, and they are all able to be centrally managed by the software in a simple and effective way.
The customer has been highly satisfied with our solution and has decided to further deploy our Video Surveillance system and Elevator Control System, which are all compatible with the ZKBioSecurity 3.0 Software. If your enterprise needs a secure and effective access control solution, ZKteco with BioSecurity 3.0 would be your absolute optimal choice.

Access Control and Visitor Management Solution for National-Scale Stock Exchange

Our client is a national-scale stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the end of 2012, the stock exchange had 462 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of $426.78 billion. It has a group of employees of up to 40,000.

End User: Stock Exchange

Project Site: Southeast Asia
Project Requirements:

  • The access control system needs to accommodate the large flow of 40,000 employees and 5,000 visitors every day.
  • The global access anti-passback needs to be supported.Blacklist and Alarm Functions
  • The blacklist is supported and alarms will be generated for blacklisted users.
  • The system supports high-speed scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and automatically reads the card number.
  • The system management software adopts the browser/server architecture.
  • The access status needs to be monitored in real time.
  • Different reports can be customized and exported.


Type Products Quantity
Software ZKBioSecurity 45000 users
Hardware InBio 160 pro embed 3
InBio 260 pro embed 24

Schematic Diagram

Access Control System Applied to Bank in Ghana

Project Description:

Our client is a commercial bank in Ghana which was issued with its Universal Banking License in 2006. It is one of the twenty-seven licensed commercial banks in the country. The bank is headquartered in Accra, at Ridge Towers. As of January 2013, the bank operates networked branches and VISA enabled ATMs at various locations. Our client demands biometric access control systems to manage access to its business premises. The bank currently employs 1,660 employees at 75 different locations.

End User: Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
Project Site: 75 different locations all over the Ghana

Project Requirements:

Specific Permission and Duration of Access

Biometric access control systems is required to manage access to its business premises. The bank currently employs 1,660 employees at 75 different locations. As high confidentiality is required, apart from card verification, fingerprint verification is also applied as the access permits of business outlet offices. The system also enables specific permission and duration of access, ordinary staffs are denied from entering offices in non-working time.

Real-Time Monitoring in Headquarter

It also requires that the system can fit into client’s browsers’ and servers’ architecture and one server can manage the access control system of business outlets in multiple cities. Access records can also be monitored in real time in headquarter.

Products List:

Type Products Quantity
Software ZKBioSecurity 1660 users
130 doors
Hardware InBio 160 Pro 30
InBio 260 Pro 60
FR1200 134

Schematic Diagram