Put the Biometrics in Biochemistry to Enhance Security

This challenging market is growing to support demographic trends of aging in North America. On average since 1970, we have added 9 years to men and 6 years to women life expectancies. More patients require more facilities to enable healthcare services. New ACA requirements continue to drive the demand for cost effectiveness across all health providers. Security needs have grown as well to protect patient safety and privacy. Finding new ways to balance operating costs, patient expectations and cost effective security solutions is sustainable with a phased plan for technology migration to IP centric solutions.


The C3 RFID card and PIN access control solution provides cost effective standardization while upgrading legacy access control systems with existing RFID card populations. This is provided in 1, 2 and 4 door configurations that can effectively deliver logical migration paths. Where new facilities are built or a higher level of access security is required, the FAC700 provides hands free and RFID biometric validation for audit and compliance needs. A wide range of stand-alone biometric solutions provide cost effective security for high value areas or meet compliance requirements. This complimentary IP video line provides reliability, cost effectiveness and one-stop shopping for integration of your security needs.


  • Growth of decentralized facilities
  • Standardizing security products
  • Cost containment across all physical security systems
  • Effectively upgrading legacy security products
  • A higher expectation of security
  • Trauma and emergency room violence
  • Protecting employees as well as patients
  • Privacy compliance with records (HIPPA)


  • High reliability and availability of security systems
  • More cost effective security for smaller facilities
  • Higher level of validated access control in critical areas
  • Lower operating costs for security
  • Cost effective legacy migration options
  • Meet increasing compliance requirement

Case Study

ZKTeco Fingerprint Access Control Solution Secured Swiss Medical Group in Argentina

Project Description:

Customer: The Swiss Medical Group
Country: Argentina
Product Used: iClock700, iClock580

Case Description:

Swiss Medical Group was founded in 1989 with the building of the Clínicay Maternidad Suizo Argentina. This venture constituted a completely revolutionary concept in the field of technology and quality service. Today, Swiss Medical Medicina Privada has its own 5 top level Clinics. These include 5 Ambulatory Medical Centers and 6 Dental clinics in Buenos Aires, 2 in the Provinces of Neuquén and Salta, and an Air Ambulance. The growing presence of Swiss Medical Medicina Privada at national level belongs into a strategy of expansion towards the provinces, which accounts for the existence of branches in almost all the main cities in our country. Swiss Medical Group is one of the most important business groups devoted to protecting people in Argentina and it is the leader in the health market. In 2012, Swiss Medical Group wanted to improve its security and time management efficiency. With the introduction of ZK Argentina partner, Swiss Medical Group decided to deploy ZKTeco fingerprint access control and time attendance system.

There are currently 19 branch offices of Swiss Medical Group that needs to be managed by the access control system, along with which 16 of these branch offices are in Buenos Aires, and the rest are in Salta, Nequen and Rio Negro. There are 278 units of iClock700 and iClock580 standalone fingerprint terminal running in 19 sites, of which the software is installed in the headquarters. Additionally, all the personnel information is managed and centralized in headquarters. Functions include add user, enroll fingerprint, delete user and set privilege, etc. All the devices in each branch office site are connected to the network by TCP/IP communication, each office requires VPN to connect with HQ network. Therefore, the server can access to every unit directly by the network. Access control event is transferred to the server for real-time monitor and third party application integration through database. In the headquarters lobby entrance, fingerprint access control is integrated with turnstile for passageway management. The event on the entrance is used as time attendance record to obtain attendance report and export to payroll system.
The manager of Swiss Medical Group mentioned, “The whole system is running very well. It solves a lot of problems and improves security along with staff time attendance management efficiency. We are satisfied with the stability of the system.”